We are international Studio with an ever expanding database. Our services extend to the entertainment industry in many countries, namely India, Malaysia, Thailand, Mauritius, Abu Dhabi – Middle East Countries and Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, France - European Countries. With the growing markets in these countries, our services are growing day by day and achieving newer heights.


To provide honest, proactive and trustworthy services to the entertainment industry. We deliver on the promise of a wholesome and trusted entertainment with world class quality. We deliver the integration of the strategies of the left brain with the creative vision of the right brain. We value the relationships with the clients and expect a long standing tryst with them for years to come. Moreover, we utilise the highest quality video equipment, technologies and talent available. We are morally and ethically committed to producing only positive and responsible content.


Universal Entertainment is comprised of a committed group of professionals who have the enthusiasm and devotion to film and other visual media, and a desire to work together to tell stories of significance. We seek to create unforgettable moments that remind others of our common mission - inspire, encourage, comfort, expose, challenge and to bear witness in our works to the reality, the beauty, the excitement and the mystery of life. We aspire to produce films that are a form of art and not merely to entertain, but to provoke emotion and reflection, incite action, and have long-lasting effects on those who experience them.


Established in the year 2000 Top UK Production House - Studio, today we are recognised as one of the best national Studio in UK for Indian/Asian Films.



  • Whether it’s a Bollywood film for a meeting or a Music video for television, Universal Entertainment always bring the same enthusiastic and professional attitude. Working with Universal Entertainment is more of a creative collaboration that delivers work of a consistently high standard and on time. So if you want to work with people who are committed and efficient, you should talk to them. If you want to work with people who make things easy and fun, you should also talk to them.

    Himanshu Mehra
  • We spent weeks filming in London with Sunny Surani – his local knowledge and professionalism took the stress out of a very busy schedule. Sunny is a great partner to work with in the dynamic, ever changing world of capturing our market research needs. He is dedicated to the process and committed to capturing the essence of the human spirit. A pleasure to work with. We would definitely use Sunny’s services again and highly recommend Sunny and Universal Entertainment to anyone looking for a London Producer, Executive/Line Producer.

    M.R. Shahjahan
  • It was a pleasure working with Universal Entertainment to create a Bollywood film. We approached Universal Entertainment wanting a film as the output but having no real idea how to approach the project. Nitin & Sunny were supportive and responsive at every step of the process (selecting the actors and local crew, vendors, preparing the location, preparing accounts and book keeping, etc), willing to change and create ideas to maximise the film’s impact and success. Sunny & Nitin and their team worked flexibly and professionally and with incredible patience during the filming, ensuring the film meets all the requirements. All those professionals involved learnt a lot and discovered creative talents they didn’t realise they had! I will look forward to working with them Universal Entertainment in the future.

    Amit Gupta