Accounts, Audits & Budgets

Budget Control and VAT keeping a careful eye on the money being committed and spent is an important part of the producer's job. For large-scale productions, an accountant is usually engaged to watch the money, on smaller scale jobs, we use either Movie Magic budgeting software, or a simple Excel spreadsheet. The transfer of money into the UK to finance a shoot can be done using Universal Entertainment's accountants. Whenever needed, Universal Entertainment can set up a temporary account for a specific shoot. This account would be closed on completion of the filming. It is customary to have a representative from the clients’ company as co-signatories on this account. Universal Entertainment is happy to give an indication of costs for filming in the UK, but the budget is only as good as the information given. We need to know precisely what is required, and the proposed filming days. When the schedule becomes more accurate, we are able to get a clearer idea of the costs involved. This can be updated, as the shoot approaches, and finalised a day or so before the shoot. The money must be transferred to the UK, into an account operated by Universal Entertainment before Universal Entertainment can confirm any expenditure, so it will be necessary to have the cash flow in place before any filming. Overtime for the crew can often send a budget into the red, we ensure the crew is employed for a 12 hour shooting day. (i.e. a shooting day does not include travel time but does include lunch) Which means that you start shooting at 8am and finish at 8pm. If the camera is still shooting after 8pm, then overtime is due to the whole crew. VAT is a sales tax, which is currently 20% of all purchases. You can claim this back if Customs and Excise are happy that the film is an export item. We need to have proof the finished film has been exported, so we will need a note from a freight agent that the film has left the country before the VAT on the manufacturing costs of the film can be claimed.

Art, Props & Sets

We have great team in the Art Department; our art department is a group of skilled artists and construction workers who create elements relating to sets, scenery and props. The production designer communicates their visualisation with the art director, who then guides others towards construction and completion. From painters to woodworkers to sculptors, the art department works together towards creating the overall atmosphere of the film.

Bespoke Events

Whether organising a wedding, charity ball, corporate event or special occasion, Universal Entertainment deliver the experience and creativity that makes the difference between a great event and an unforgettable one. Universal Entertainment believe that every event should be unique, carefully crafted to reflect the individuality and personality of each client. Understanding that location is a key factor for your event, whether it's a stately home, contemporary hotel or marquee in your own garden, your dedicated event planner will work through every detail meticulously.


We like our women fat and our men geeky, we like the extremely tall and the shockingly small. No one is too abstract for our books! We are the leaders in casting artist for the right job. With a unique outlook on modelling, our philosophy is simple “Any beauty can be airbrushed but we want our look to have true character.” We know each and every one of our artists by name and face. Universal Entertainment specialises in casting feature films, commercials and reality television shows, for principal roles as well as extras.


A well-fed crew is a happy crew, so the food department plays a critical role on and off set. Breakfast and lunch catering is typical for most productions, in addition we provide craft services (snacks & drinks) between these meal times.
We can arrange vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes within a variety of speciality cuisines. Our goal is to provide imaginative catering of the highest possible standard using only the best food suppliers. We cater for specific tastes and can arrange for chefs to prepare a tailored menu whether it is Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian or simply freshly made sandwiches.

Facilities Vehicles

By providing the latest high quality vehicles and friendly helpful operators, we’ve gained a strong reputation within the media industry and feature on many preferred supplier lists. Whatever your production or your budget requirements, here at Universal Entertainment, we guarantee a competitive, unrivaled quality. Universal Entertainment have been specialists in providing location facility vehicles to the film and TV industry. Since conception, we have always been innovative and forward thinking in the design and capabilities of facility vehicles and transport.

Film Crew

Art, Props & Sets

1. Art Directors
2. Prop Maker
3. Prop Master
4. Scenic Artist / Painter
5. Set Construction Co-ordinator/Builder
6. Set Decorator / Dresser
7. Storyboard Artist

Camera Department

1. Camera Assistant (1st AC)
2. Camera Assistant (2nd AC)
3. Camera Operator
4. Camera Operator (Aerial)
5. Camera Operator (Jib Arm / Crane)
6. Data Wrangling
7. Digital Imaging Technician
8. Director of Photography
9. Photographer / Production Stills
10. Steadicam Owner / Operator
11. Videographer


1. Assistant Food Stylist
2. Craft Service
3. Food Stylist

Lighting & Grip

1. Best Boy
2. Electrician
3. Gaffer
4. Grip
5. Key Grip


1. Location Manager
2. Location Scout

Makeup & Wardrobe

1. Costume Designer
2. Hair Stylist
3. Make-up Artist
4. Special FX Makeup
5. Wardrobe Stylist


1. Assistant Director / 1st AD
2. Assistant Director / 2nd AD
3. Directors
4. Entry Level - Production Department
5. Line Producer
6. Producers
7. Production Assistant / PA
8. Production Coordinator
9. Production Designer
10. Production Manager
11. Production Secretary
12. Unit Production Manager
13. Script Supervisor
14. Key Production Assistant
15. Publicist
16. Casting Director

Film Distribution

Our mission is to deliver exciting, original and compelling films to as broad an audience as possible across multiple platforms. We are well known for our innovative, creative and successful publicity campaigns. Unafraid to break from traditional marketing norms, our bespoke, ‘hands-on’ approach to each release is driven from a shared passion for the films we choose to get involved with.
We are extremely proud of the close, long-term relationships we have forged with some of the most talented, cutting-edge filmmakers and producers in the world, as well as backing emerging talent.

Film Equipment

Universal Entertainment have one of the UK's largest professional video production equipment showrooms offering an extensive range of cine, broadcast and professional video production tools. We work with clients from the planning stage to the completion of the event, providing a wide range of hire equipment and logistical support solutions, to ensure your event runs smoothly. With our experience of supporting events, both large and small, we can offer helpful advice on the equipment you may need. Then work with you to plan where it’s needed and when, within your budget. We offer hire equipment & support to some of the biggest Event Venues, TV & Film Companies, Radio Stations, Outdoor Broadcasts, Concerts, Festivals, County Fairs & Weddings, as well as smaller local events.

Hotels & Flight Tickets

Universal Entertainment can offer various types of accommodation for you to choose from Hotels Type A for Stars, Hotel Type B for Head of Department & Hotel Type C for Crew. (2 star to 5 star). Accommodation including Bed and Breakfast (B&B’s), Private Apartments (Serviced and Non Serviced), Houses (Furnished and non-furnished), Flats (1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms). When arranging accommodation, we prioritise comfort and accessibility to ensure that your crew members are fully looked after and are fresh for everyday of the filming schedule. We can tailor the facilities to suit your needs by arranging a particular style of breakfast or suite and standard room types in the same hotel.

Lighting & Grip

Universal Entertainment is the go-to destination for creatives looking to source production equipment such as: camera support, lighting, studio carts, grip, electrical, recordable media, hard drive and memory card storage, audio equipment, and on-set expendables. We love what we do. We’re a passionate company built by filmmakers, photographers, educators, animators, developers, and creative doers that love to share our experiences to help our customers achieve their goals. Why We Exist: Universal Entertainment exists to advance filmmaking and creative content endeavors. We have been proudly serving the Bollywood film industry and worldwide filmmaking community for decades. We’ve done it by listening to the changing needs of filmmaking creatives and communicating it to a global reach by means of education, community events, and by offering a vast inventory of tested and trusted products. Our Personable Service Promise: We’re a small company driven by big service expectations. At Universal Entertainment you’ll be assisted by humble team members and sales professionals that are committed to your success. We’ll do so by listening to your needs, offering experienced advice, presenting quality products you can trust, at the best prices, and by going out of our way to ensure we fulfill or deliver your orders on time. Our promise to you is to offer you a personable experience that will earn your trust in us to be your creative community resource and partner.


We have the best locations department, who finds and properly secures all the filming locations needed throughout the filming process. Our location scout has a large database of photographs and potential filming locations, but we sometimes scout out brand new locations if needed. Our locations manager works on the logistics of parking, permits and contracts needed for each location.

Logistic & Planning

Having created and run expeditions for some 14 years now we have a handle on what it takes to plan and execute effective expedition logistics and are delighted that people put their entire trust in Universal Entertainment and the team. We have learned that the most important thing is to get to grips with the resources on the ground! (Grip is probably the right word!). We pride ourselves in being able to send anything, anywhere at any time. It takes a plan A, a plan B, a plan C and several other contingencies, particularly taking into account that most of our work is into the extremes and often dealing with people not sharing the preciseness of our normal living. Be great to chat through any requirement you might have no matter how diverse. Up until this point, your production plan is working out smoothly. All the details, lists, and talent pool have all fallen into place nicely. You can almost smell the sweet success of your film being reviewed by gushing critics. But wait. What’s that foreboding haze coming over the horizon? It’s the netherworld of production logistics. Location permits and permissions, including signing legal production releases. Location scouting for right visual fit, access, options, lighting, electricity, special needs for the segment. On-site experts or people who will also be in your film – on-camera releases (under 18 years old present special attention), apparel, planned roles. Props and gear that fit the talent and science content. Travel, food, lodging, changing rooms, bathrooms, lighting, animals, trainers, special support crews’ Secondary plans in event of rain, wind, location issues (consider setting up secondary location beforehand)

Makeup & Wardrobe

Our professional makeup, wardrobe and hair department work closely with the actors on their physical appearance from scene to scene. From the various clothing and costumes worn to the different hairstyles and makeup needed, our department creates a consistent look for each of the cast members throughout the production process.

PR & Film Promotion

Universal Entertainment have offices in London and India. We are a boutique full service public relations agency that create bespoke publicity campaigns for our clients. We do what it takes to provide our clients with only the very best results and always ensure they in the public eye, through all mediums. We have a team of international professionals with diverse backgrounds. We provide: Personal publicity | International publicity campaigns | British publicity campaigns | Film festivals | Launch events | Event signings | Press junkets | Film premieres | Red carpet launches | Film press screenings | Film releases – we provide publicity at any stage in a film’s life, from unit publicity through to UK or India theatrical distribution and home entertainment | Films in film festivals – we handle ongoing campaigns for major international film festivals and UK/India festivals. We help our clients find and engage with the widest possible audiences, generate a buzz around their events, and convert prospects into customers. We do this with a unique mixture of smart analytical thinking and bold creative vision.


Our production department consists of a wide array of personnel needed to keep the production on track and on schedule. Various tasks throughout this department may include hiring, script breakdown, organising gear and crew, budgeting, expense tracking, payroll, contract handling or other office duties needed to complete the production from a day-to-day basis.

Post-Production / VFX

We offer wide variety of services for Films, TV, Website etc. which are: Pre-visualisation, VFX for film and TV, CG and 3D for film and TV, Editing for film and TV, DI / Colour grading, App / portal development, Web development, Motion graphics, Pack shots. If there is any specific query from your side, please feel free to contact us.

Security Services

We offer specialist security services and Location Support to the Film and TV industry throughout the UK. We have a team of fully trained SIA licensed Security Operatives who will protect and secure your crew, set, location, equipment and assist the Location department with the smooth running of the Location 24 Hours a day. Dealing with general public and vehicles can be difficult so our dedicated lead man will work alongside the AD to make sure things run as smooth as possible. Crowd control can often be a problem our operatives are trained to secure the area, monitor the crowd and ask politely to stay quiet during takes. Keeping the privacy and integrity of your production in the forefront, we work closely with your production team to ensure a safe, secure and hazard free working environment.

Tax Rebate

The UK, as well as many other locations throughout Europe offer attractive tax credits and other financial incentives. We can advise on the best way for your project to benefit, and help calculate a detailed budget. We can advise on how to cash-flow these incentives, to ensure they can become part of your up-front financing wherever possible.

Only films that have been certified as a British films are eligible for Subsidy or Film Tax Relief (FTR). Such certification may either be interim, if the film has not been completed, or final, if it has.

Qualifying Criterion: United Kingdom HMRC (Her Majesty Revenue and Customs) department has laid down specific conditions in relation to Subsidy now known as FTR - Film Tax Relief as stated below. Those conditions are subject to change as required by HMRC.
1. The film must be intended for theatrical release
2. The film must be certified as British
3. Not less than 25% of the core expenditure on the film must be UK expenditure

Certifying authority
A British film is one which is certified as such by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport under Schedule 1 to the Films Act 1985.
The Secretary of State certifies films on the advice of the BFI Certification Unit, and any enquiries concerning this should be directed to them at Certification Unit
21 Stephen Street
London W1T 1LN
Tele: 020 7173 3214

Qualifying conditions
There are three ways in which a film can qualify as British. It may: satisfy the cultural test inserted into Schedule 1 to the Films Act 1985 by SI2006/3430 (the Films (Definition of a British Film) (No. 2) Order 2006); meet the terms of one of the United Kingdom’s bilateral co-production treaties; or meet the terms of the European Convention on Cinematic Co-Production. In all cases, the film must be formally certified to qualify for FTR. It is not sufficient for the film production company merely to assert that it meets one of the three tests set out above.


We are available to provide all your cast and crew transportation in and around London and other European countries. Whether for film, TV, commercials or music video our drivers are fully conversant with the necessary protocols of work in this sector and are used to working under instruction from AD's and Production team. Our unit drivers have years of experience working on set. You can expect all our drivers to be smartly presented and to greet you with a cheerful smile every day. Our unit drivers 'can do' attitude means they will be more than happy to assist all your departments with any movements and needs they have throughout the day. Our drivers keep a daily digital log of their hours, mileage, vehicle, passengers, incidents of note and if requested a detailed log of each journey they drive each day.

Visa & Immigration

If you are part of a film crew and wish to come to the UK you can apply for entry clearance if you are an actor, producer, director or technician essential to the production of the film. You would need a separate work permit for the UK if you intend to do studio work, pre- or post-production work, or if you are to be employer or paid in the UK. You would be granted permission to stay in the UK for up to 6 or 12 months, which can be extended if the work has not been completed. Film actors, producers, directors and technicians employed by an overseas firm may qualify for a visa which allows them to work in the UK without a work permit, provided they are coming for location sequences only. This is a concession outside the UK’s Immigration Rules intended to benefit those shooting for overseas / international productions. In order to qualify for a visa, the onus is on the applicant to satisfy the Visa Officer (and the legal standard is ‘on the balance of probabilities’) that s/he is: Able to maintain and accommodate themselves; and Intends to leave the United Kingdom at the end of the film shoot; and Does not wish to seek alternative employment other than that of the specific film shoot and can demonstrate that the film is: A genuine international production, with most of the filming taking place outside the UK; and That all crew members will be working on location sequences only in the UK and not in sound or recording studios or similar.